• Poor Posture and Back Pain
    Poor Posture and Back Pain

The childhood obesity game

Child obesity cases are ever on the rise and the worrying trend is that there is not even a little suggestion that these cases may at one time be on the downward scale.

The blame game has seen fingers being pointed towards different directions and perhaps it is the parents who have bared this blame the most.

The only problem is that we forgot that children don’t only take their meals while at home – what about aspects like the meals being taken in school?

Perhaps these are some of the minor issues which we do tend to ignore most of the times thus leaving an open space for the child obesity menace to grow.


Most schools do serve regular meals to students and this is always considered a good thing in that it helps to promote healthy nutritional growth.

bathroom-scale-1149264_640Given that there are no specific lunch standards for students in most localities; there are high chances that some schools are greatly compromising on the quality of the food they offer to their students.

It would be a mischievous statement to blame most of the child obesity cases on school meals as there are exceptional educational institutions which do offer the best when it comes to quality as well as quantity.

To help solve the issue of unhealthy school lunches, it would be a good gesture if schools hire nutritional experts to help in provision of high quality food to the students.

Blaming the parents should also be uncalled for as many of them have little information as to what kind of diet can actually accelerate child obesity cases.

The reason for this is maybe our health experts do give little regard on teaching parents as to what constitutes the right nutritional diet plan for children.

Most health professionals will stop at just informing parents as to what is kind of diet is good for children without even further explaining on how muchslimming-1136637_640 of the given nutrients should be taken and what regular intervals.

It is also true that some parents do give in too much to what their children may have asked for.

Typical cases mostly do touch on foodstuffs like snacks as children do have insatiable appetite for such.

If a parent gives in too much it implies that a child will consume most of the fats present in those foods and this is one clear way for developing obese conditions within children.

Parents should therefore learn to say no whenever they are asked for some snacks and to promote healthier living they should instead replace the snack gifts with some healthy fruits.

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