Ways to survive kidney disease

Life is full of so many dark scenes. Most of them revolve around pain caused by different kinds of misfortunes. It could be the pain of losing a loved one or suffering from an incurable illness. Whichever pain it is, they can’t all be at the same level. This is because our levels of endurance vary as well. The pain of enduring a serious illness can be so intense that you lose hope. The good news is that there are ways to survive them. For instance, our focus is on how to survive kidney disease. Being a life-threatening disease, it has caused many victims to lose hope.

Follow the medication advice your doctor gave you

There are different levels of kidney disease. Each one of them can be treated using different types of medication. Regardless of the one you are facing, keep taking your medication, and everything will turn out fine.

Expenses should not be an excuse as so much is being done to help kidney patients come through it successfully. This includes the NGOs that provide funds for their treatment.

Have a healthy diet

2By now you definitely know the kidney as a cleansing organ. When diagnosed with a kidney disease, it means one of two things. Either they have failed or are on the verge of failing. This means that they are unable to perform their duties. You wouldn’t want to overwork them with another duty of ridding your body of the harmful substances you feed it.

Take charge of your health and give your body the right diet. Also, drink plenty of water as your doctor will advise you.

Do your exercise regularly

Living with a kidney disease doesn’t make you disabled. In fact, you are as fit as a fiddle. All the more reason for you to engage your body in some healthy routine exercises. For instance, walk around your neighborhood in the morning as you have a taste of the morning air.

You can also go to the gym and have your instructor advise you on the exercises suitable for you. They should be as light as possible so you won’t put unnecessary strain on yourself.

Cut down on your intake of alcohol

If you drink alcohol, this is not the time to engage your kidneys in the kicks of a dying horse. It’s the time for you to do everything possible to revive them. This includes cutting down on your intake of alcohol.

This move will go a long way in sustaining you during your battle with the kidney disease. You will come out stronger than you ever thought you would. It’s not an easy task especially if you are used to taking alcoholic drinks. With time, you’ll understand the essence of this somehow drastic decision.


Quit smoking if you do

The influence of Tobacco is even stronger on your kidneys. Which is why you should stop smoking or stay away from people who do so right in front of you. It might sound like a heavy punishment especially if you have been smoking for a long time. It takes time, but you will finally adjust.